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US Soccer has completely BROKEN PART 1 Nepotism.

What we know about soccer and our actions live in a different reality.

The USMNT’s performance was labeled each game as sloppy at best by multiple FOX commentators on each game…… Along with some gaslighting and denial. I could personally use many adjectives to describe the level of play but I’m not going there because it would be counterproductive. We continue to lie to ourselves and move to the next outing…Marching on unfocused with the entire hierarchy of USSF minds swimming in selfish nepotism, political ideals, and flawed moral character, knowing in the back of our minds the wheels came off and we have crashed. Mindlessly trailing off to the abyss in 2026. My roots are in PA but I have spent my professional career in NYC and NJ. I have spent countless hours as a sports fan in the Meadowlands parking lot and know the contractor who built the stadium personally. (A decent GOD-fearing man) I can only say that if we bring this crap to Giants Stadium, the players, coaches, and USSF staff will probably need a helipad out of NJ from center field. We may be able to blackmail, bribe, or jail (soccer terms) our way into the finals but wouldn’t we want to improve long term?

Where do we start?

It has to come from the grassroots

Let us not point up to US Soccer….YET. Inside information will reveal the root cause and correction..More is coming on this…stay tuned!

Cancer at the grassroots is almost terminal….. The form or rot? Nepotism. The ugliest ism of all.

Nepotism, or the practice of favoring family members or friends in business or political decisions, can have a negative impact on soccer by hindering the development of a fair and merit-based system for selecting and promoting players and coaches. It can lead to a lack of diversity and opportunities for talented individuals who are not connected to those in positions of power. It can also lead to poor performances by teams and a lack of accountability for poor results like the 2022 World Cup. Until this is addressed the future of US Soccer is doomed.

In a long discussion with a friend in US Soccer who has a lot of influence on the national level, agreed with me that it’s “no secret” that our state roster and other programs are riddled with coaches who are sub-par and immoral. Licensed coaches that own or manage their own clubs who also coach on the state level select state players from their clubs and have have a financial incentive to do so…IE keeping those players in their club paying $900-2800 a year and marketing them as State players to attract more players. for the following season. Why isn’t there any regulation against this? There are state teams with half or more of the state roster playing for their local club coach in ODP… It’s my guess that is not just here in Texas but nationally. This is no secret folks. Just Google “Nepotism” and will find the latest involving Gregg Berchalter. Google ODP politics, ODP Rigged FL

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