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Ronaldo makes the right decision (Saves Erik Ten Hags and maybe his Career)

I can hear the conversation now…Erik: “Christian I’m sorry” Ronaldo: “You should be ashamed. YES YES ashamed” Erik: “How can we go on” Ronaldo: “We can, I must move” Erik: “please..please” we must fix this fast, I will be out of a job and you will lose money” Ronaldo: “How much do they pay you?” Erik: “$1M” Ronaldo: “Go to my locker floor and take 1M, I was going to buy a car but don’t need it” Erik: “please don’t go! I NEED YOU!!” (Erik falls to the floor crying and Ronaldo falls to his knees with him) Ronaldo: “You must please listen to me and let me score goals” Erik: “You need to follow my direction and not put shame on me at practice” Ronaldo: “I will be a good example to my teammates, fans, and children…I always have”

There is no doubt who are the big fish of the Manchester United pitch… To call into play the mistakes that both parties had made and the differences in opinion on how to tackle a daunting task.. (whipping up some decent play out of young and inexperienced players) Erik Ten Hags, Instead of listening and respecting the ideas of probably one of the greatest strikers ever and making him Captain to do the job that he was paid to do, he made a mistake that so many coaches make at the start of a season. He tried to whip a good dominant player into submission to try to demoralize them to gain control of a team. All he had to do is reprimand him publicly about practices and make a scene on the field with him once or twice and let him win games for the team and make his stock go up as a coach. Add the draws as wins…..he would have made the goals. Then autism completely comes in and he goes deeper in the hole by subbing him in when they are up 2-0. Yes, Ronaldo makes a lot of money but is not a dumb guy with a big (bald) head. He is a world class experienced striker with 700 goals that could care about how much he gets paid at this point? He would play for 10M if you let him do his thing. The 2022 World Cup starts in weeks and I will live in shame with these words but I’m confident he is ready. Pissing contest by the numbers…..I will leave the mathematics to you.

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